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The InLei® Total Silicone Lash Curlers set contains all the InLei® curlers of the ‘Perfect Curl’ and ‘Natural Curl’ line.

The set is designed to always have a wide range of sizes on hand, so you’re ready for any client! Through myriad tests, trials and various comparisons, InLei® has been able to develop a truly unique tool to meet every Lash Lifter’s needs.

The shape of the shields completely envelops the customer's eye without any discomfort and guarantees impeccable results!

  • all InLei® silicone shields are entirely made in Italy: from the idea to the realisation of the design, from the creation of the mould to the use of high quality 100% Platinum silicone

  • hypoallergenic, delicate and very soft

  • non-deformable

  • unique shape designed for right and left eye (inner corner part is thinner allowing a more precise lift for shorter lashes)

  • Mix of 8 pairs: S, M, L, XL , S1, M1, L1, XL1