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InLei ONE Silicone Lash Shields (Choose Your Size)

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InLei "ONE" Silicone Lash Shields 

Size S
- Ideal for short lashes because it allows you to align the eyelashes that grow even crossed or down.
- Gives a pronounced curvature, despite the minimum length of eyelashes, and finally causes eyelashes to be clearly visible on the eye.
- Use it with Lash Filler products to thicken and visibly lengthen the hair in just three treatments.

Size M
- Measure M or the "perfect curl" line is designed for medium-short eyelashes.
- Helps create a neat and well-aligned archery.
- Gives a pronounced curvature and a "doll" for lovers of curly eyelashes.
- The curvature is more focused on the central part of the lashes.

Size L 
- Designed for medium-long eyelashes.
- This measure is one of the most widely used
- During positioning, eyelashes must exceed half of the curler (for horizontal) but the tips must not reach or even exceed the fold of the same.
- Give a "D" curl if we have to compare it to the eyelash extension.
- If your client has crossed eyelashes or grows downwards, the curl L will help you to roll them out in an ideal way and finally make them visible when applying mascara.

Size S1
- Helps make even the shortest eyelashes visible.
- Designed to raise the tiny eyelashes starting from the root making them more visible and attractive.
- Combines the effect of the curler with the Lash Filler treatment gives you tidy, visible, healthier, thicker, silky and long eyelashes.
- More natural look than size S.

Size M1
- Gives medium-short lashes beautiful lift, raising the lashes slightly from the root.
- Softer version of size M shield.

Size L1
- The most used curvature ever for medium-long eyelashes.
- The L1 curler gives a natural but at the same time visible effect.
- Natural version of size L.